Danny’s Boat

Danny-300x198Not much of a photo, but interesting because the two guys in the middle murdered the other two about an hour after the picture was taken.  The victims didn’t know they were going to die, but the killers knew exactly what they were going to do. They’d done it several times before, and it was a well-planned crime. The boat belongs to the guy on the left. The other victim, on the right, is an American kid the boat’s owner hired on for crew after his girl friend and some other people he’d been sailing with left. The kid on the right knew the murderers, and may even have been in cahoots with them on a previous crime. The FBI files hint at this.

The killers are French. They’d been using hijacked boats to smuggle drugs for about two years when this photo was taken, in 1973. Their MO was to sign on as crew, then murder every one else aboard ship as soon as they set sail. This picture was taken in the port of Cartagena, Colombia, shortly before their departure. You can read the story of this crime and what happened to the Frenchmen after they committed it in The Family That Couldn’t Sleep at Night, published by Calumet Editions. The story is called “Danny’s Boat”.



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